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V 9130

proizvođač: Glomex

The perfect solution to watch digital terrestrial and analog television on your boat.
The wide reception angle allows a perfect use onboard guaranteeing, when the signal is present, a clear and uninterrupted vision. Its new engaging shape originates from the historic Glomex omnidirectional tv antennas. The supplied remote control allows to turn the antenna for a perfect pointing of the signal.


  • Antenna gain: 3dB VHF 6dB UHF + 10dB of internal gain

  • Indoor amplifier gain: 23 dB adjustable


  • Reception angle: 60°

  • Fore-and-aft ratio: >20dB

  • Indoor amplifier special functions: BYPASS

  • Input indoor amplifier: 1 Antenna, 1 VCR or dock-deriving signal

  • Indoor amplifier TV outputs: 1 (or multiple by multiway splitters)

  • Frequency range: 170-230 MHz and 470-860MHz

  • Polarization: Horizontal

  • Antenna rotation: by 12 V Brush motor

  • Speed: 5° /sec.

  • Rotation: 0-359°

  • Remote control: supplied, infrared type

  • Radome type: UV resistant

  • Radome diameter: 37cm

  • Height: 26 cm

  • Weight: 1.5Kg

  • Power requirements: 12V

  • Operating temperature range: -22°C +55°C

Digital Terrestrial Decoder (option)

10 mt (33’) of coaxial cable and control unit supplied with the antenna


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