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artikl unesen: 12.12.2006
zadnja izmjena: 03.05.2011

V 9150/00

proizvođač: Glomex

Designed to meet the needs of large yachts and ships which require multiple outlets, this antenna can supply up to 6 TV sets.
The 2000 model has a new antenna element which dramatically improves its receiving capabilities.
All of the plastic parts in the antenna are injection moulded, UV resistant nylon.
The new amplifier (50023/98SR12) features the adjustable gain control and the A/B Switch in order to integrate in one plant only all the existing television systems on board like the cable, the dock, the satellite antenna, the line amplifier 50022/00 provide to compensate the loss of the coax cable that become important in large yachts and ship where the TV set is far from the amplifier.

The V9150 antennas are supplied with 2 amplifier splitters, 65 mts. of low loss cable for the plant and all the F gold plated connectors.

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