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Prijenosni hladnjak "TB 41" - AKCIJA

proizvođač: Isotherm

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TB41 offers a uniquely designed roto-moulded cabinet for extra strength and a detachable blow-moulded two-way lid, which enables easy access to consumables where space is restricted. An integrated basket enables food items to be stored more securely. For those requiring AC/DC connection, the TB42 offers all the benefits of the TB42 in addition to a built-in electronic thermostat. Recessed hand-grips and mountable carrying handles have been included for easy transportation. Depth can be reduced 95 mm with removed hand-grips.


Technical Specifications

Volume (l) 42
Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 440x415x710
Weight (kg) 21
Power consumption
Avg/Max (12V)
0,7/5,0 A
Danfoss compressor type BD35F

Product versions

2042BA1000000 Refrigeration box
2042BA4000000 Refrgeration box AC/DC
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