Kartice: 251,13 EUR
150,68 EUR (1.135,27 kn)
Gotovina: 236,91 EUR
142,15 EUR (1.071,01 kn)
stranica pogledana 3990 puta
artikl unesen: 10.02.2011
zadnja izmjena: 12.03.2019

Clipper Speed & Distance

proizvođač: Nasa Marine

Clipper Speed & Distance System

If you are looking for cockpit instruments that feature cutting edge technology yet are intuitively simple to operate, look no further. The outstanding Clipper range of instruments incorporate technically advanced electronics in an industry standard 110mm square case. Ease of use and display clarity were top of the design brief. All Clipper instruments have giant digits and multilevel backlighting. As with all Nasa instruments - they are excellent value too.

Technical Specifications
• 40mm high digits
• Brzina u èvorovima ili mph
• Udaljenost puta u nm ili m
• Ukupna udaljenost u nm ili m
• Indikator trenda pokazuje ubrzanje ili usporenje
• Komplet sa sondom kroz rupu

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