Kartice: 147,43 EUR
73,72 EUR (555,42 kn)
Gotovina: 139,09 EUR
69,54 EUR (523,98 kn)
stranica pogledana 4016 puta
artikl unesen: 19.10.2012
zadnja izmjena: 12.03.2019

Thanner DK 2000 - Hidrostatska kuka za splavi

Thanner Disposable Hydrostatic Release Units are all patented units, designed for trouble free installation, reliable function and service free lifetimes of 2 years. The units are all approved to the new MED and SOLAS regulations together with ships wheel approval, USCG, TC and many others. The units are made from anodised aluminium and UV- resistant plastics to meet the tough requirements of the marine environment. The units operated independently of the life raft buoyancy and is approved for any size of life raft up to a buoyancy load of 1500kgs.All parts can be recycled and are made from non-toxic materials.Special versions/ release depths are available on request.

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