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GPS Tracker Teltonika FM 4100

Komplet sa antenama, kablovima i softwareom za programiranje.

Podrzan od besplatnih servisa za pracenje



􀀹 Track your remote objects (trucks, cars) quickly and easily.

􀀹 The device supports the following GSM bearers:

o GPRS class 10 (up to 44,8 kbps).

o SMS (text/data).

􀀹 Quad-band:

o European (and Asian) - 900 MHz / 1800 MHz and American - 850 MHz / 1900 MHz.

􀀹 The aluminum case of the device is very robust and perfectly suitable for installation into harsh environment such as cars, trucks or other moving objects.

􀀹 On demand internal rechargeable battery with charge controller.

􀀹 FM4100 has 4 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and 4 analogue inputs, which could be used for performing of various tasks on remote objects, such as monitoring fuel tank level, engine status, or controlling truck door etc.

􀀹 FM4100 has 1-Wire® I/O protocol integrated for temperature measuring or key identification.

􀀹 FM4100 has CAN bus interface that could be used for data acquisition from truck’s FMS interface.

􀀹 FM4100 has NMEA output via RS232 that could be used for navigation purposes.

􀀹 3 LED indicators: “Modem”, “Status” and “Navigate”.

􀀹 An advanced solution for a very reasonable price.


Technical data

Power supply 10...30 V DC

12W Max

Energy consumption:

GPRS: 250 mA r.m.s Max.,

Nominal: 110 mA r.m.s..

Operation temperature:

-25°C ... +55°C

Storage temperature:

-40°C ... +70°C


Relative humidity 5 ... 95%

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