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Autopilot CM650AC

proizvođač: Coursemaster

The Coursemaster CM650 autopilot is designed especially for professional mariners aboard fishing boats, charter boats, ferries, tugs and other workboats — both light-displacement and heavy-displacement.
It provides all the features you need to hold course in all sea conditions:

  • Easy knob control so you don’t have to remove gloves to alter course
  • Interface with GPS and plotters
  • Four sea state settings – including working mode for trawling with nets
  • Automatic trim to keep course in cross winds,seas, weather helm, and other offsets
  • Rudder angle indicator on graphic display
  • Rate gyro sensor option for more accurate steering and to reduce rudder activity
  • Extensive range of drive options: hydraulic, mechanical rotary and solenoid
  • Easy installation with the computer and controller in one unit

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