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Bojleri za plovila-četverokutni

proizvođač: Quick

The new range of water heaters is completely stainless steel, their characteristics are superior to those currently on the market.

The advantages, given by Quick Nautic boilers, are:

  • High quality of materials
  • Heat exchanger with a large exchanging surface
  • Producing hot water also by means of an electric element, which is provided with an adjustable and safety thermostat
  • Relief/non return valve that allows discharging of water heater in case of disuse
  • The installation is easy and practical on a flat area.

3 Years of warranty

Model BXS 25
BXS 40
Kapacitet 25 L 40 L
Materijal Nehrđajući čelik
Toplinska izolacija
PUR pjena
Vanjska obloga
Nehrđajući čelik
Testirani pritisak
800 KPa
Max. radni pritisak
600 KPa
napon 220 Vac ± 10%
Snaga 1200 W
Težina s toplinskim izmjenjivačem
13.5 Kg
17 Kg
Težina bez toplinskog izmjenjivača
11 Kg
14.5 Kg

BXS 25

Dimensions in mm (inch)

BXS 40

Dimensions in mm (inch)

cijena za gotovinu
BXS 2512S
25 litara, 1200W, sa izmjenjivacem topline
4.387,84 kn
4.139,47 kn
BXS 4012S
40 litara, 1200W, sa izmjenjivacem topline
5.064,55 kn
4.777,88 kn
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