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Bojleri za plovila-pravokutni

proizvođač: Quick

The new range of water heaters is completely stainless steel, their characteristics are superior to those currently on the market.

The advantages, given by Quick Nautic boilers, are:

  • High quality of materials
  • Heat exchanger with a large exchanging surface
  • Producing hot water also by means of an electric element, which is provided with an adjustable and safety thermostat
  • Relief/non return valve that allows discharging of water heater in case of disuse
  • The installation is easy and practical on a flat area.

3 Years of warranty

ModelBX 1612S
Kapacitet 16 L
Materijal Nehrđajući čelik
Unutrašnja zaštita
Izolacijski materijal
PUR pjena
Testirani pritisak
800 KPa
Max. radni pritisak
600 KPa
Napon 220 Vac ± 10%
Snaga 1200 W
Težina s toplinskim izmjenjivačem
10.5 Kg
Težina bez toplinskog izmjenjivača
9.5 Kg

Nautic Boiler
BX 16

Dimensions in mm (inch)
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