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Are you looking for a satellite antenna that allows you to receive the signal anywhere? Inclusive those zones notoriously exposed to weak signals? MARS 1 is your solution, with its 60 cm diameter dish it combines high performance with proper Glomex�s satellite Tv antennas features; like easy installation, reliability of materials, operation effectiveness� Endowed with EGS, electronic gyroscopes, DVB system (Digital Video Broadcasting), NIT (Network Information Table) and SCC (Single Cable Connection), it guarantees a quick tracking and locking even in the most challenging weather conditions. Conceived for future updates, is equipped with a DC/DC adapter that can be fed to 12/24 V dc, control unity with display LCD that allows that shows the antenna status and allows multi-satellite operation with 7 satellites already pre charged.

� 1 decoder output
� Min EIRP: 47dBW
� Antenna gain: 35,3 dB @ 12GHz
� Dish diameter: 60 cm 24 in
� Dish type: PRIME FOCUS
� Polarization: Linear (V � H)
� LNB frequency range: 10.7GHz 12.75GHz
� Radome diameter: 66cm
� Radome height: 66 cm
� Radome type: UV resistant
� Antenna weight: 15 Kg 33 lb
� Power requirements: 12-24 Vdc 2A max
� Operating temperature range: 0�C +70�C
� Azimuth turn range: unlimited
� Full elevation range: 15� � 90�
� Tracking rate: 50�/sec
� Stabilization: by gyro on 2 axis, 3rd axis by interpolation
� Future upgrades: ready
� Common interface for digital sat receiver: option
� Satellite identification: NIT (Network Information Table)

0 mt (33�) of coaxial cable and Scart, the control unit and the adaptor DC/DC are supplied with the antenna.
V9500 0-5� stainless steel adjustable mount and Digital Decoder are options.

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