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artikl unesen: 18.09.2007
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RA 128

proizvođač: Glomex

With the rapid worldwide expansion of the cellular network, many boaters are taking their phones with them to sea.
In order to maximize performances an external high gain antenna is a must.
Our RA160 and RA161 antennas provide the best shipboard performance available.
These antennas are built like all of our other antennas, with no compromises, both models have solid brass elements and operate on all cellular frequencies from 800 to 980 MHz.
They also have glossy polyurethane finishes. Ferrules with 1”X14 threads allow the use of all Glomex mounts. The sealed construction of these antennas guarantees high performance for years to come.
The RA161 matches the appearance of all other Glomex 2,40m (8’) antennas for aesthetically balanced installations.

  • 1,50m (5’) length
  • Glossy GLOMEX fibreglass
  • Solid antenna elements
  • Nylon ferrule
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