Kartice: 279,96 EUR (2.109,35 kn)
Gotovina: 264,11 EUR (1.989,96 kn)
stranica pogledana 6110 puta
artikl unesen: 12.12.2006
zadnja izmjena: 03.01.2023

V 9112/00

proizvođač: Glomex

This, the most popular Glomex TV Antenna, has been chosen as standard equipment by all major boat builders worldwide.
New for the 2000, a revolutionary state of the art antenna element and amplifiers produces exceptional performance on all channels, including the lower VHF frequencies.
In order to ensure a long service life and protection from the harsh marine environment there are no active components in the antenna and the radome is made of UV resistant, injection moulded white nylon.
The new power supply/amplifiers are designed specifically for boats and can accepts an input from dockside cable, a satellite receiver or VCR (V9112/00).
It features an exclusive bypass (V9112/00) that allows the TV set to use the antenna only for receiving in strong signal areas thus avoiding the attenuation of the signal introduced on the TV set when the amplifier is not fitted (min gain).
Also the A/B Switch (Version 9112/AB) allow to integrate in one system only the other television systems existing on board like the cable, the dock, the satellite antenna avoiding to have two different plants in order to save money.

The V 9112 TV antennas are supplied with the amplifier, including flush and wall plastic covers, 15 mts (50’) of low loss, twin screen 75 Ohm coax cable (V9135), the 1,5 mt. TV cord and all the F gold plated connectors for the installation on board.

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