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proizvođač: Glomex

Choose the high technology "made in Italy" proper of the Glomex satellite TV antenna SATURN 3, 50 cm that combine high quality, reduced dimensions, lightness and 3 independent output enjoy the satellite TV programs, both on sailing or at the anchor. Engineered on purpose to install them on board, guarantee a perfect view in any condition. Thanks to the most modern developed technologies applied by Glomex, the vision of TV programs urino the holidays doesn't know compromises. DVB (Digital Video Broadcast), NIT (Network Information Table) and EGS (Electronic Gyro - Stabilized) are three high technology components present on the Glomex satellite TV antennas. Easy to install, predisposed for future updating and complete of a DC/DC adaptor fedable to 12/24 V dc, is besides equipped with a control unity with LCD display that shows the antenna status and allows multi-satellite operation by NIT, with 7 satellites already pre-charged



  • 3 decoder outputs
  • Min EIRP: 49dBW
  • Antenna gain: 34dB @ 12GHz
  • Dish diameter: 50 cm
  • Dish type: PRIME FOCUS
  • Polarization: Linear (V - H) or Circular (LHCP-RHCP) (option)
  • LNB frequency range: 10.7GHz 12.75GHz
  • Radome diameter: 50 cm
  • Radome height: 62 cm
  • Radome type: UV resistant
  • Antenna weight: 13 Kg 28,50 lb
  • Power requirements: 12-24 Vdc 1,5A max
  • Operating temperature range: from 0 to +70 grade
  • Azimuth turn range: 720 grade
  • Full elevation range: 5 grade � 90 grade
  • Tracking rate: 50 grade/sec
  • Rotation: unlimited turn
  • Stabilization: by gyro on 2 axis, 3rd axis by interpolation
  • Future upgrades: ready
  • Common interface for digital sat receiver: option
  • Satellite identification: NIT (Network Information Table)

10 mt (33') of coaxial cable and Scart, the control unit and the adaptor DC/DC are supplied with the antenna.
V9500 0-5 grade stainless steel adjustable mount and Digital Decoder are options.

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