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DC-DC Step Down Konverter

proizvođač: CV Sistemi

This converter is a voltage switching regulator providing capable of driving a 3A load with good performance and economic DCDC convertor.
It is using HRD module with minimum components to provide fixture DC output 5V. 2x capacitors 220uF 63v & 470uF 25v to provide guard noise filter at input and output and power indicator LED. It can be become adjustable converter if add a variable resistor.

Input voltage: 10-40v
Output Voltage: 5V
Output current: Rated current 3A ,
Conversion efficiency: Up to 80%
Input Capacitance : 50v330uf
Output Capacitance: 16v1000uf
Operating temperature: Industrial grade (-40 ? to +85 ?)
Full load temperature rise: 40
Dimension: 5.2cm*4.5cm*3cm

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