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Autopilot CM80i

proizvođač: Coursemaster


The CM80i autopilot with intelligent, self-tuning software and rate gyro compass has been developed primarily for smaller powerboats fitted with outboard motors and hydraulic steering 5 – 10 metres in length. It is also suitable for boats fitted with stern drives and inboard motors. The CM80i does NOT have a rudder feedback – making it even easier to install!

The CM80i breaks new ground in intelligent autopilots. The new features of this system makes it both easier to install and very easy to use. The intelligence built into the system means that there is no need for a rudder transducer and the system adjusts itself to suit the boat speed and sea state. The CM80i’s compact design fits easily into almost any small boat dash and closely matches engine instruments.

Installation can be completed easily and once installed, requires a simple, once only set up procedure which takes less than a minute. The CM80i’s main components are:

  • Control head
  • Junction box
  • Rate Gyro Compass
  • Hydraulic pumpThe CM80i interfaces with GPS, has a heading output for use with radar, and includes a rate gyro compass.

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