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TG 708 USB Marine GPS

Receiving frequency band: E1B/C1 Galileo
Default support for wide area differential GPS enhancement system S137,.[S129... Wan enhanced satellite
Receiving channel: 56CH
Positioning performance
Rate: < 0.1m/s; direction: <0.5Degrees
Timing accuracy: 30ns
Reference coordinate system: WGS-84
Maximum altitude: 50000 M
Max speed: 500m/s
Acceleration: < 4G
Electrical properties:
Tracking sensitivity: -161dBm
Capture sensitivity: -147dBm
Cold start time: 30s[average
Warm start time: 30s[average]
Hot start time: 1s[average]
The auxiliary ephemeris data of AGPS[network: 3S
Operating temperature:
-40 C to C +85 C
Package size:
Interface electrical properties:
Wide voltage range: the main power supply is +3.3V~+5.5V, self owned RTC power supply
Built in 25*25*4mm passive ceramic antenna
Other parameter
Standard clock pulse: 0.25Hz~10MHz
Location update rate: 1Hz
Usb port interface [default]
Data rate: 9600bps

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