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US 12 by-pass station ( automatski preklopnik )

The by-pass station automatically transfers the load from the 230 Vac mains supply to an auxiliary power source (e.g.inverter) when utility power is not available.


Mobile applications:

while on the road (car, campers, caravans, etc.), your 230 Vac loads on board can be fed by the inverter which converts your battery voltage into 230V / 50Hz. Whenever there is utility voltage available near your vehicle (e.g. campsite), simply plug in, your US-12 device will detect the mains voltage at its input and it automatically switches the load over to the mains. No need for re-cabling and disconnecting your whole inverter system.

Statinary applications:

the US-12 bypass station can also be used in conjunction with an inverter and batteries as part of a UPS (uninterrupted power supply) system. The loads are fed by the 230 Vac mains voltage which, in case of a black-out, are transferred automatically to the inverter’s output.


The LOAD, MAINS and INVERTER connections are on screw terminals within the IP55 rated enclosure. The protective earth (PE) wires must be connected together in a separate screw terminal (provided).


Nominal voltage
230 VAC - 50 Hz
Contacts max. 230 VAC - 50 Hz
Switch-over time
less than 1 sec (not uninterrupted nor synchronised)
Max. current
12 A
Max. output power
2.760 VA
Dimensions (LxWxH)
130 x 130 x 60 mm
Weight 300 g


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